Important Events of April – 19


Important Events of April – 19

Charles Robert Darwin Memorial Day


  • He was born on February 12, 1809.


  • He is  English naturalist scientist.
  • He is the father of evolution.
  • The man described the evolution of the monkey.
  • Darwin made clear that the main cause of soil fertility and crop growth is earthworms living in soil.

Books by Darwin:

  • He wrote a book called ‘Beige Seaside’.
  • The facts and principles he discovered were published in the book The Origin of Species in 1859.
  • He published his book The Voyage of the Beagle in London.
  • Other books on Darwin’s discovery are ‘man’s genealogy’ and ‘displacement of plants’.


  • Charles Darwin died on April 19, 1882.

Pierre Curie Memorial Day


  • He was Born on 15 May 1859.


  • French physicist.
  • One of the pioneers of pressure power, magnetism, crystalline and radiation detection.
  • The unit curium used to measure radiation.


  • In 1903, Henry Beckler and Mary Curry shared the Nobel Prize for Physics.
  • In 1903, she was awarded the Jumpy Award for Radium.


  • He created a ‘Torsion Balance’ to find magnetic properties.
  • The term ‘Curriculum’ is today the norm that he has discovered about the transition from heat to particle magnetic material.
  • He created the crystal electrodes.
  • Aluminum rays, beet rays, and coma rays were discovered by using the magnetic fields.


  • He died on 19 April 1906.

First satellite: Aryabhata

  • On April 19, 1975, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), launched its first satellite, Aryabhata from Russia.
  • It is celebrated annually in the year 19th annually. Aryabhata has been launched for 40 years.

  • The Aryabhata satellite was made with the assistance of the Soviet Union.
  • The weight is 360kg. It was only 5 days in outer space, although it was about 619 km from Earth.
  • The satellite was not continuously stopped due to the fact that it was partially designed to produce electricity to the satellite.

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