Importance Of March – 23


Importance Of March – 23

Birthday Of Gopalswamy Doraiswamy Naidu :

  • G. D. Naidu (Gopalaswamy Doraiswamy Naidu) (23 March 1893 – 4 January 1974) was an Indian inventor and engineer who is also referred to as the Edison of India.
  • He is credited with the manufacture of the first electric motor in India.

Personel Life :

  • G.D. Naidu was born at Kalangal, Coimbatore on 23 March 1893 into a Telugu family in Tamil Nadu, India.
  • He was the son of a farmer.

Inventions & Later life:

  • G.D. Naidu developed India’s first indigenous motor in 1937 along with D. Balasundaram Naidu .
  • It was the motor’s success that resulted in the founding of Textool by Balasundaram and, later on, Lakshmi Machine Works.

Death :

  • Naidu died on 4 January 1974. Sir C V Raman said of Naidu: “A great educator, an entrepreneur in many fields of engineering and industry, a warm-hearted man filled with love for his fellows and a desire to help them in their troubles, Mr Naidu is truly a man in a million – perhaps this is an understatement!”
  • He is survived by his son G.D. Gopal and grandchildren G.D.Rajkumar and Shantini. A permanent Industrial Exhibition in his memory is on in Coimbatore


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