Growth of Jainism and Buddhism Quiz


Growth of Jainism and Buddhism Quiz

Who among the following is credited with carrying Jainism to the south when he left Magadha on account of a famine 20 years after Mahavira's death?

Where was the Jaina canonical literature codified in the fifth century AD?

Which of the following Jaint Tirthankaras is not mythical out of the 24 Tirthanakras mentioned in tradition?

Give the correct chronological order of the given Buddhist sites as per their coming into prominence?

With which of the following is the concept of Salaka-purusha associated?

With which sect of Buddhism is the doctrine of Bodhisatva associated?

With which of the following is the doctrine of the manyness of reality associated?

Which of the following Buddhist philosopher introduced the doctrine of void (Shunyata)?

What is the order of the four Varnas as mentioned in the early Buddhist texts ?

At which of the following places did Buddha deliver the most number of discourses?

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