Gopala Krishna Gokhale Speech – General English Study Material

Gopala Krishna Gokhale Speech – Study Material

Gopala Krishna Gokhale was a great freedom fighter of our country. He delivered a speech in response to the address presented to him by students. On 25th July 1911 at an open air public meeting near Victoria Hall, Mumbai.

My first duty on rising is to tender my most sincere and grateful thanks to the students of Madras for their address which they have just now presented to me…. There is no doubt whatever in my mind that if I could now go back once again to the days of my student hood, I would do so at once with pleasure. The life of a student is comparatively speaking, a sheltered life. There are, of course, certain responsibilities; they are definite and they are assigned to you by those who are willing to take care of you and there is not much need to be constantly exercising your own judgments. You know that in later life the position is reversed; instead of others helping you, you have in the first place to help yourself… Gentlemen, because this is the happy part of your life, there are certain responsibilities attached to it which must be well discharged by you, because no privilege in life is worth having, unless it is attended by corresponding duties and there are certain duties, which those who placed you in your present privileged position expect our to perform.

I will consider these duties under four heads. First of all, the duty which you owe to yourselves; then there is the duty which you owe you fellow- students; the third duty is the which you owe to those in authority over you, and the last duty is a duty which you owe to those who are around

You, not students, but people of the wider world.

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