Indian Fundamental Rights and Duties Quiz


Indian Fundamental Rights and Duties Quiz

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In Which year Fundamental Duties are Incorporated?

How many fundamental duties are mentioned in Constitution of India?

In this following Which Article of the constitution contains fundamental duties?

Which part of the Indian Constitution includes Fundamental Rights?

Which article deals with right to freedom of religion?

Which is not a fundamental right in the Indian Constitution?

Who was introduced Panjayati Raj System in India?

Who can suspend fundamental rights during National Emergency?

In the Following Who are the guardian of Fundamental Right?

Which Right is abolished by the 44th Amendment?

Who said article 32 was heart and soul of Indian Constitution?

International human rights day is celebrated on _________

Right to property removed from fundamental right during the rule of whom?

Which article is soul of indian constitution?

Who appoints the chief minister of a state in india?

Directive Principles of State Policy from which Constitution?

In which year Child Labour Act was passed?

To respect the national flag and national anthem is our

Who founded the planning commission of India?

In which year the first planning commission held?

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