IT Employees leaving their Jobs Instead of coming to Offices: Check WFH latest study results from Here!!!

IT Employees leaving their Jobs Instead of coming to Offices
IT Employees leaving their Jobs Instead of coming to Offices

Employees are ready to leave their jobs instead of Coming to Office: See Work From Home latest survey Result!!!After the Covid-19 epidemic, the habit of working from home began. Now, Companies are calling them back to work at office. However, these employees have become adapted to working from home that they are willing to give up their jobs in exchange for pay raise. A recent study stays that six out of 10 employees prefers to leave the job instead of going to office.

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A Private Recruitment and Staff Service firm conducted a survey regards how work from home changed the life style on daily basis. The organization conducted the survey with 2000 employees of 620 companies, in those companies over 40 percentage or workers are fully working from home. 26 percentages of workers were working in Hybrid mode and other were coming to offices.

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In the survey, 61% of employees stated they would decline an offer to come to work at for pay scale hike. Many employees say that, The WFH has allowed them to find a better balance between their personal and professional life. Those companies are rejecting to come to office with a good pay rise.

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At present, 30 percent of the white collar employees of the company are working from home. Some study shows more men than women reported passing for promotion. Nearly 70 percent of IT women report experiencing adverse effects from remote work. However, this number is much lower in men. However because of Work Life balance people preferring WFH.

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