Electrical Circuits and Machines

series circuit with bulbs lighting up
A series circuit

Electrical Circuits and Machines

This handout contains basic information about Electrical circuits and Machines, which should be sufficient for simple technical exam preparations. For more detailed information, you should study the books by nice and capable authors; not the simple ones locally. You can view an on-line version of the STUDY MATERIALS  in this website To view a section of the material, you can even download the relevant articles from the download PDF option.

Electrical circuits and machines find diverse applications in may day to day devices. The performances of these devices depend on effective functioning. Although, there have been rigorous studies addressing them not much of them are simplified for exam preparation. Present work addresses this compelling issue of simply understanding of the machines and circuits.

D.C. Circuits
Current power
D.C. Circuits
D.C. Machines
Digital multimeter
Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Digital voltmeter
Function generator
Induction motor
Inverters and Applications
Measuring instruments, Bridges, CRO
Ohm’s law, Kirchoff’s law
Power devices and Trigger Circuits
Stepper motor
Test Instruments
Transformers and Power supplies
Types of Generator
Universal Motor





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