Demand for Pakistan 1942 Study Materials


 Demand for Pakistan 1942 Study Materials

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            In 1930, Iqbal suggested the union of the Frontier Province, Baluchistan, Sindh and Kashmir into a Muslim state within the federation. This proved to be rhe idea which germinated during the early 1930s and burst into vigorous life with the advent of the new reforms. The idealist Chaudhry Rehmat All developed this concept in Cambridge, where he inspired groups of young Muslims and invented the term Pakistan. His ideas seemed visionary during that time. Within 7 years, these ideas were turned into a politicailprogramme by Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The ideology of Iqbal, the vision of Rehmat Ali and the fears of the Muslims were thus united by the practical genius of Jinnah to bind the Muslims together as never before. It was to lead to the creation of a, new state-Pakistan.

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         In 1942, the British government realised that it could not ignore the Indian problems any more. The Situation- worsened for the British with the Japanese advance towards the Indian borders. By 7 March 1942. Rangoon fell and Japan occupied the entire South-east Asia, The British government under Prime Minister Winston Churchill, with a view of getting cooperation from the Indians, sent Sir Stafford Cripps on 22 March. 1942 a member of the British cabinet, to India to settle terms with the Indian leaders. The Congress sent Pandit Nehru and Maul ana Azad to negotiate on their behalf.

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