Direct Current Machines – Study Material


Direct Current Machines – Study Material

An electrical generator is a rotating machine which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. This energy conversion is based on the principle of electromagnetic Induction. According to Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, whenever a conductor is moved in a magnetic field, dynamically induced emf is produced in the conductor.

Direct Current Machines – Study Material


  • Types of DC Generators
  • Compound Generator
  • Applications of DC Generators
  • DC Motors
  • Types of DC Motors
  • Applications of DC Motors

Types of DC Generators:

According to their methods of field excitation

  • Separately excited
  • Self excited

Compound Generator:

Consists of both shunt field and series field windings. Depending upon the shunt field and series field connections, compound generator can be classified as,

  • Long shunt compound generator
  • Short shunt compound generator

DC Motors:

  • While a DC generator converts mechanical energy in the form of rotation of the conductor (armature) into electrical energy, a motor does the opposite.
  • The input to a DC motor is electrical and the 0/P is mechanical rotation or torque

Types of DC Motor:

  • Series motor
  • Shunt motor
  • Compound motor
  • Long shunt
  • Short shunt

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