Daily Current Affairs Quiz September 13, 2021

SEP 13
SEP 13

Q.1) Who was appointed as the new chief Minister of Gujarat?

a)Nitinbhai Patel

b)Saurabh Patel

*c)Bhupendra Patel

d)Jayesh Radadiya

Q.2) India’s first Indigenously Designed High Ash Coal Gasification Based Methanol Production Plant was Launched in which of the following states?



c)New Delhi


Q.3) 5th World Conference of Speakers of Parliament 2021 was held in which country?





Q.4) Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the state of art Sardardham Bhavan in which state?





Q.5) Which country becomes the first country to require new homes to include EV chargers?





Q.6) International day for south cooperation was observed on which of the following Day?

a)September 10

b)September 11

*c)September 12

d)September 13

Q.7) Select the correct statement about the “Pollen Calender”.

i) Pollen calendars are graphical representations of the time dynamics of airborne pollen taxa in a certain geographic area.

ii)It was given by the National disaster management authority.

*a)i) only correct

b)ii) only correct

c)Both are correct

d)Both are wrong

Q.8) Who becomes 1st woman excavation engineer at Coal India arm CCL?





Q.9) What is the theme of Shikshak Parv – 2021?

a)Sustainable development in education sector

b)Revolution on education sector

*c)Quality and Sustainable Schools: Learnings from Schools in India

d)None of the above

Q.10) World First Aid Day was conducted on Which of the following days?

a)September 10

*b)September 11

c)September 12

d)September 13

Q.11) who win the US Open Grand Slam title?

a)Rajeev Ram

b)Joe Salisbury clinch

c)Alexander Zverev

*d)Daniil Medvedev

Q.12) Who wins the US Open Women’s Singles title?

a)Leylah Fernandez

b) Coco Gauff

*c)Emma Raducanu


Q.13) 74th World Health OrganizationSouth East Asia Regional Office meeting was chaired by whom?

a) Anupriya Patel

b) Darshana Jardosh

*c)Bharathi Pravin Pawar

d)Pratima Bhoumik

Q.14) Who is appointed as the new prime minister of Morocco?

a) Najib Mikati

*b)Aziz Akhannouch

c) Mbarek Bekkay

d) Ahmed Balafrej

Q.15) Aziz Hajini Who dies on today, was a




*d)Both a & b

Q.16) The Battle of Buxar was fought between British East India Company and:

*a)Mir Qasim

b)Saadat Ali Khan II

c)Ali Vardi Khan

d)Siraj ud-Daulah

Q.17) Who was the only Viceroy of India to be murdered in office?

*a)Lord Mayo

b)Lord Auckland

c)Lord Lawrence

d)Lord Northbrook

Q.18) Indian constitution was written by whom?


*b)Prem Behari Narain Raizada

c)sachidanand sinha

d)H.c mukherjee

Q.19) ‘Human Rights and Terrorism in India’ book was authoured by whom?

a)Prahlad Singh Patel

b)Salman Rushdie

*c)Subramanian Swamy

d)Vikram Seth

Q.20) Who is the author of the book “Cheque book”?

a)Jokha Alharthi

*b)Vasdev Mohi        


d)Roopa Pai

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