Daily Current Affairs Quiz September 09, 2021

Daily Current Affairs Quiz September 09, 2021
Daily Current Affairs Quiz September 09, 2021

Q.1) Select the correct statement about the “PRANA” Portal.

  1. i) Portal “PRANA” was launched to Monitor the Air Pollution in 132 cities.
  2. ii) The portal was launched during the event organized as a part of the United Nations(UN)’s 2nd International Day of Clean Air For Blue Skies.

a)i) only correct

b)ii) only correct

*c)Both are correct

d)Both are wrong

Q.2) Which country becomes the first country to adopt bitcoin as official currency?


*b)El Salvador



Q.3) Who was appointed as the new chairman and managing director of National Fertilizer Limited?

a)Shantanu Narayen

b)Ivan Menezes

*c)Nirlep Singh Rai

d)Sanjay Jha

Q.4) Which Indian state Governor announced his resignation?

a)Governor of MadhyaPradesh

b)Governor of Assam

c)Governor of Tamilnadu

*d)Governor of Uttarakhand

Q.5) According to the S&P Global Ratings, what was the expected rate of India’s growth forecast for the Financial year 2021-22?





Q.6) Which day is observed as the International Day to Protect Education from Attack?

a)07 September

b)08 September

*c)09 September

d)10 September

Q.7) Which Indian railway station was awarded a 5 star ‘Eat Right Station’ certification?

a)New Delhi Railway Station

*b)Chandigarh Railway Station(CRS)

c)Chennai Central Station

d)Visakhapatnam Railway Station

Q.8) Yamin Hazarika Woman of Substance Award was given to whom?

a)Virginia Woolf

*b)Namita Gokhale

c)Lousia May Alcott

d)Elizabeth Strout

Q.9) As per the announcement of M.K.Stalin, Keezhadi Museum is going to be set in which place?





Q.10) Second United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress (UNWGIC) will be held in Which state?



c)New Delhi


Q.11) Tamil Nadu was planned to create an energy island in Gulf of Mannar with the Partnership of which country?





Q.12) Select the correct about the objective of Russia-India pact for cooperation in geosciences.

  1. i) Joint development of Indian Geoscience Data repository with Russian Information Technology
  2. ii) Training and capacity building of scientific personnel.

 a)i) only correct

b)ii) only correct

*c)Both are correct

d)Both are wrong

Q.13) Neeraj Chopra made his First brand Partnership with which of the following Company?


*b)TATA AIA Insurance



Q.14) India’s tallest air purifier tower was launched in which City?





Q.15) Who was the founder of Landholders Society(1838)?

a)Devendranath Tagore

*b)Dwarkanath Tagore

d)Surendra Nath Banerjee


Q.16) Who among the following personalities led the Wahabi movement?

a)Manju Shah Fakir

b)Abdul Wahab

d)Shah Waliullah

*d)Syed Ahmed Barelvi

Q.17) Which article deals with the structure of Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission?

*a) Articles 316 to 319

b) Articles 319 to 320

c) Articles 317 to 318

d) Articles 320 to 321

Q.18) Indira Gandhi (Annamalai) National Park is located in which district ?

*a) Coimbatore

b) Villupuram

c) Erode

d) Salem

Q.19) Who is the author of the book Indian Paper Money?

a)Kartar Lalvani

b)Scott Kelly


d)Javier Moro

Q.20) Who is the author of the book  Who was Shivaji ?

a)Alexander Bard

b)Sulman Rushdie

c)Poonam Surie

*d)Sri Govind Pansare

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