Daily Current Affairs Quiz September 07, 2021

Daily Current Affairs Quiz September 07, 2021
Daily Current Affairs Quiz September 07, 2021

Q.1) ‘SIMBEX-2021’is the Maritime Bilateral Exercise between which countries?


b)China -India

c)Pakisthan – India

d)Japan – India

Q.2)  Who is selected as the Vice-President of the Asian Squash Federation (ASF)?

a)David Mui

*b)Cyrus Poncha

c)Saurav Ghosal

d)Leo Au

Q.3) Behler Turtle Conservation Award 2021 was won by whom?

a)Greta Thunberg

b)Vandana Shiva

*c)Shailendra Singh

d)Rolf Disch

Q.4) What was the name of new Species, which was found in goa?

a)Pimpinella anisum

b)Angelica archangelica

c)Laurus nobilis

*d)Hemiphyllodactylus goaensis

Q.5) Tamil Nadu Generation & Distribution Corporation Limited (TANGEDCO) was signed a Green Energy projects with which istitute?



*c)Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd (IREDA)

d)Indian clean energy institute

Q.6) What is the name of the commission India’s first satellite and ballistic missile tracking ship?


* b)Dhruv



Q.7) India has recently inked Project Agreement (PA) for Air-Launched Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (ALUAV) with which country?

a) Russia

b) Japan

c) France

*d) United States

Q.8) Which country has topped the medal tally at the 2020 Summer Paralympics at Tokyo?

*a) China

b) Great Britain

c) Japan

d) Australia

Q.9) Chief Minister M.K. Stalin announced that the Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board (TNSCB) should called as, what?

a)Tamil Nadu Rural Development Board

*b)Tamil Nadu Urban Habitat Development Board

c)Tamil Nadu Slum Development Board

d)None of the above

Q.10) Select the correct statement about the Air Quality Life Index Report.

  1. i) India is the most polluted country in the world with about 40% of its population living in the Indo-Gangetic plains in the north India.
  2. ii) The pollution levels have regularly exceeded in the Indo-Gangetic plains than those found anywhere else in the world.

a)i) only correct

b)ii) only correct

*c) Both are correct

d) Both are wrong

Q.11) The first shipments on a newly-launched railway line from the Myanmar border to the key commercial hub of Chengdu was made by which country?





Q.12) Which was the first state to administer the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine to 100% of its adult population?

a)Jammu & Kashmir


*c)Himachal Pradesh


Q.13) Vasoo Paranjape who passed away on today was related to which of the following departments?



c)Art & Culture


Q.14) International Day of Clean Air for blue skies was conducted on which day?

a)September 05

b)September 06

*c)September 07

d)September 08

Q.15) 4th round of ‘Indo-Danish Joint Commission Meeting (JCM)’ was chaired by whom?

a)Rajkumar Ranjan Singh


c)Rajnath singh

d)Kiren rijiju

Q.16) Who was the first Indian to get elected in House of commons?

a)Bhikaji Kama

b)JRD Tata

*c)Dadabhai Naoroji

d)Dinshaw Edulji Wacha

Q.17) Which among the following was the immediate cause of Quit India Movement?

a)Withdrawal of British from South East Asia

b)Failure of Cripps Mission

*c)Failure of August Offer

d)Arrest of Mahatma Gandhi

Q.18) Consider the following newspapers/journals with famous personalities associated to them:

Commonweal – Annie Besant

New India – Mahatma Gandhi

Janata – Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

Which of the above is/are correct?

*a)1 & 3 Only

b)3 Only

c)2 & 3 Only

d)1, 2 & 3

Q.19) Who wrote the book The Making of India?

*a)Akhilesh Tilotia

b)Amartya Sen

c)Amit Chaudhuri

d)Amitav Ghosh

Q.20) Who wrote the book An Autobiography?

a)Sardar Patel

*b)Jawaharlal Nehru

c)Atal Bihari Vajpayee

d)S. Radhakrishnan

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