Daily Current Affairs 2021 – July 22

Daily Current Affairs 2021 - July 22
Daily Current Affairs 2021 - July 22

Daily Current Affairs 2021 – July 22


This is the 4th time that the ‘Tic Tak’ process has been banned in Pakistan.

  • The video processor called ‘Tic Tak’ made in China is popular among the youth all over the world.
  • The Telecommunications Commission of Pakistan yesterday again banned the Tic Tak processor for the 4th time for failing to delete objectionable records.
  • It is to be recalled that India last year banned more than 100 Chinese processors, including Tic Tak, for allegedly posing a threat to national security.
  • Pakistan
  • Capital: Islamabad,
  • President: Arif Alvi
  • Prime Minister: Imran Khan

For the first time in Mecca, women are involved in security work.

  • Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia is carrying out various social and economic reform measures there. He called for a change in conservative and fundamentalist policies and the creation of modern social structures by 2030.
  • As part of this he has taken various measures including lifting the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia, allowing women to travel alone without the permission of their guardians, and granting them greater rights in family matters.
  • Since last April, women soldiers have been involved in the security of the holy sites in Mecca and Medina.
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Capital: Riyadh
  • Currency: Saudi Riyal
  • Prince: Mohammed bin Salman

Israel Software – Pegasus

  • This spy software is “Pegasus” developed by my security company NSO from Israel.
  • It has been said that this spy software can hack into someone’s iPhone or Android phone remotely and steal all the information and conversation in it.
  • But NSO has stated that this software will be used only for creative tasks.
  • The cell phones of 300 people in India, including political leaders including Rahul Gandhi, Union ministers and journalists, have been seized by Israel’s NSO. It has been reported that the company was spying on Pegasus software.

Ariel Henry has been appointed the new Prime Minister of Haiti.

  • Ariel Henry takes over as Haiti’s new prime minister
  • Ariel Henry has been appointed to replace Claude Joseph, the current caretaker Prime Minister.
  • Haiti
  • Capital: Port-au-Prince
  • Currency: Haitian Gourte
  • Prime Minister: Ariel Henry

Jose Pedro Castillo Terronz has been elected President of Peru.

  • Jose Pedro Castillo Terron was elected the new President of Peru after winning the recent presidential election.
  • He will serve as President of Peru for five years from 2021 to 2026.
  • Prior to this, Francisco Sagastic was President of Peru.
  • Peru
  • Capital: Lima
  • Currency: Peruvian Soul
  • President: Jose Point Castillo Terrons
  • Prime Minister: Walter Roger Martos Ruiz


Goa has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MECL and DMG to explore for iron ore reserves.

  • Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited (MECL), a Mineral Exploration Corporation announced with the assistance of the Central Indian Ministry of Mines for the study of iron ore reserves in Goa, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Directorate of Mines and Geology, Goa (DMG).
  • MECL – The Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited
  • DMG – Directorate of Mines & Geology
  • Goa
  • Capital: Panaji
  • Chief Minister: Pramod Sawant
  • Governor: BS Sreedharan Pillai

The Central Government has decided to set up an Indian Heritage Institute in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

  • The Central Government has decided to set up a world class Indian Heritage Institute in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.
  • It is said that this world class company will focus on conservation and research in India’s rich and solid heritage.
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Capital: Lucknow
  • Chief Minister: Yogi Adityanath
  • Governor: Anandiben Patel

The Kachar district of Assam has won the “Scotch Award” for the “Pushti Nirbor” nutrition plantation project.

  • Assam’s Kachar District won the Scotch Award under the Health category in Dinanpur Pakicha Village, its nutrition garden project “Pushti Nirbor”, which was implemented in Dinantpur Pakicha village in Assam.
  • This village is located in the Katikora circle of Kachchar district near the India-Bangladesh border.


Thiruvalluvar painting created by Tamil characters.

  • Ganesh, a painter, has painted Thiruvalluvar in Tamil script.
  • Thiruvalluvar paints with 741 Tamil characters from the 3rd century AD to the present day Tamil characters as Tamil script, Tamil disk script.


3rd generation advanced anti-artillery missile test successfully.

  • Many weapons and ammunition required for the Army are being manufactured locally under the Autonomous Bharat Project.
  • The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has developed a 3rd generation sophisticated anti-aircraft missile in that category.
  • The test of this automatic missile, which is light enough to be carried by one person, has been successfully completed.
  • Having already successfully hit the maximum distance target this missile. And it also accurately strikes and destroys short-range targets.
  • This missile is equipped with sophisticated ultra-infrared imaging equipment and advanced avionics equipment. The DRDO said that with this test, the project to develop a 3rd generation portable missile has been completed.

Akash Missile (NG)

  • The new generation Akash missile, which can strike and destroy air targets from the ground, was also successfully tested.
  • This Akash missile can hit a target at a distance of about 60 km with precision. This missile can propel up to 2.5 mAh

The Indian Air Force has 24 Rafale fighter jets.

  • Three new Rafale fighter jets landed in our country yesterday in the seventh phase from the European country France.
  • In 2016, the federal government signed an agreement to buy 36 new Rafale fighter jets worth Rs 58,000 crore from the European country of France.
  • The first batch of five Rafale fighter jets arrived at the Ambala Air Force Base in Haryana on July 29 last year. After that Raphael warplanes came to our country in various stages.
  • Through this our Air Force has 24 Rafale fighter jets.


LIC has launched a health insurance scheme called ‘Health Rakshak’.

  • Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) in the name of ‘Health Rakshak’
  • Introduced health insurance policy.
  • This policy provides sustainable benefit health insurance against certain health risks and provides timely support in times of medical emergencies and enables the insurer and his family to be financially independent during difficult times.
  • Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Established: 1 September 1956
  • Chairman: MR Kumar

Kotak Mahindra Bank has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indian Navy for a payroll account.

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank (KMBL) signs Memorandum of Understanding with Indian Navy for Salary Accounts.
  • This Memorandum of Understanding enables the payment of salary account proposal to all personnel of the Indian Navy – Service and Retirees.
  • KMBL – Kodak Mahendra Bank Limited
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • CEO: Uday Kodak


Binaya Srikantha Pradhan has been appointed as the next High Commissioner of India to the United Republic of Tanzania.

  • Tanya Binaya Srikantha Pradhan has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to the United Republic.
  • He was the 2002 Volume Indian Foreign Service Officer (IFS). He is currently serving as Vice President at the Indian Embassy in Moscow.
  • Tanzania
  • Capital: Dodoma
  • Currency: Tanzanian shilling
  • Chairman: Samia Suluhu Hassan


Prince Harry will release a memoir on ‘intimate and heartfelt’ in 2022.

  • Prince Harry has announced that his memoir will be released in 2022. He is about to write a “close and heartfelt memoir.”
  • It is said to describe the definite details of the experiences, adventures, losses and life lessons that helped shape him.


Indian wrestlers Aman Gulia and Sagar Jaglan have been selected as the Cadet World Champions.

  • Indian young wrestlers Aman Gulia (48kg) and Sagar Jaglan (80kg) won gold at the Cadet World Championships in Budapest, Hungary.
  • Sahil won the bronze medal in the 110 kg category.

The International Olympic Committee has announced that the 2032 Olympic Games will be held in Brisbane.

  • The modern Olympic Festival has been held every 4 years since 1896.
  • Canceled in 1916, 1940 and 1944 due to World War II.
  • The 32nd Olympic Games begin tomorrow in the Japanese capital, Tokyo.
  • The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has officially announced that Brisbane has the right to host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • This is the 3rd time that Australia has had the opportunity to host the Olympics. The country has already hosted the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne and the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
  • The Olympics, respectively
  • 2024 – Paris (France),
  • 2028 – Los Angeles (USA)
  • 2032 – Brisbane. (Australia)

England have won the 20-over series.

  • 20 over cricket match held in Manchester.
  • England beat Pakistan in the shop match to win the series.

Tokyo Olympics – Doordarshan broadcast

  • Doordarshan, DT Sports, DT News and All India Radio will broadcast the Tokyo Olympics.
  • Special programs and commentaries will be aired on all capital channels of All India Radio, FM Rainbow Channel, Electronic Radio Service and other channels of All India Radio, on the web page, DTH service and via News on Air mobile operator in India.

Tokyo Olympics – 2021

  • Although the Tokyo Olympic Games start tomorrow, football and softball started yesterday.
  • 12 teams have participated in the women’s football division. Sweden shocked world champions and Olympic gold medalists 4-0 in a league match in the G Division.
  • Marta, who scored 2 goals for Brazil, became the first athlete to score in 5 consecutive Olympics.

Olympics Overview

  • 1976 Montreal Olympics
  • The women’s division made its debut in basketball, paddle and volleyball.
  • Hockey competition was played on synthetic pitch for the first time at this Olympics.
  • Margaret Murdoch of the United States became the first athlete to win a medal in sniper at the Summer Olympics.
  • 1980 Moscow Olympics
  • It is for the first and only Summer Olympics held in Eastern Europe.
  • Similarly, it was the first and only Summer Olympics held in a Slavic-speaking country.
  • For the first time since 1956, at least 8 countries participated.
  • 1984 Los Angeles Olympics
  • Neroli Fairhall, a New Zealand archer, became the first person to compete in a wheelchair at a medal event.
  • Joan Benoit of the United States wins the first marathon for women.
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics, Synchronized Swimming and Cycling Road Race for Women were held for the first time.
  • The official advertisers system at the Olympics is now introduced.


Pie Approximate Day – 22 July

  • The value of the pie is observed on July 22 every year because the value of the pie is 22/7.
  • Pie Day is celebrated on March 14, which is approximately equal to the value of 3.14, and corresponds to the birthday of Albert Einstein.

National Mango Day or Mango Day- 22 July

  • It is celebrated on July 22nd. Today is the day to learn about the history and some of the lesser known facts about juicy and delicious fruit mango

National Refreshment Day -22 July

  • National Refreshment Day is observed annually on the fourth Thursday in July, which falls on July 22, 2021.
  • This day is basically to celebrate fun and refreshment during the hottest time of the year in the summer.

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