Corona Spreads Fastly through Aerosols- New Covid-19 Guidelines Released

corona virus
corona virus

Covid-19 Spreads Spread through Aerosols – Union Ministry of Health issued new guidelines to control the spread of Corona Virus A Recent study shows that the Corona Virus spreads mostly through small Aerosols. Aerosols is defined as small suspension of fine solid particles or liquid droplets in air or another gas. We all know that the corona virus spreads through Air. The International Researchers founded that the corona mostly spreads only through small particles of saliva emerged while sneezing and coughing than the large saliva droplets.

If a corona infected person sneezes or coughs, small particles of his saliva spreads in air and large droplets falls down after travelled around 2 meters. A research found that the small particles of droplets can will travel up to 10 meters in air. If a person touches the place where aerosols fall from the air and touches his nose or eyes or those who inhale it will become infected. The research says that most of the people were infected to corona virus because of inhaling of those tiny droplets called aerosols.

So, Union Ministry of Health has issued new guideline on corona spread. The virus can spread rapidly more easily in less ventilation rooms because the drops takes more time to fall down in less ventilation room. So, Unions Health Minster Announced it is better to keep the windows open and stay ventilated in the houses. And also said that It is good to have people, especially in areas with good ventilation. This is because the spread of the virus is controlled in well-ventilated areas.

If the Aerosol dropped in some places, it is more likely to be touched. So, always wears mask to prevent ourself form inhaling the aerosols and wash hands frequently to avoid conduct with corona virus by touching your eyes and Mouth.

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