Computer Organization – Study Material


Computer Organization – Study Material

The architecture of the computers have not changed since decades, but the technology used to accomplish those operations may vary from one computer to another computer. However, the basic computer organization remains the same for all computer systems.

Computer Organization – Study Material


  • Input unit
  • Central processing unit
  • Output unit
  • Components of A Computer System
  • Types of Memory and Devices
  • Virtual Memory

Input unit:

  • Accept data and instructions from the outside world.
  • Convert it to a form that the computer can understand.
  • Supply the converted data to the computer system for further processing.

Central Processing Unit (CPU):

It is the heart of the computer system, i.e. all operations are carried out in CPU only.

  • It performs all calculations and all decisions.
  • It controls and co-ordinates all units of the computer.
  • It interprets instructions of a program.
  • It stores data temporarily and monitors external requests.

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