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Chief Justice of Chennai High Court 

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The Madras High Court is the high court of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The court is one of the three High Courts in India established in the three Presidency Towns of Bombay, Calcutta and Madras by Letters patent granted by Her Majesty Queen Victoria, bearing date 26 June 1862.

It consists of 74 judges and a chief justice who are in charge of the general policy adopted in the administration of justice. In September 2016, the centre government forwarded names of 15 new judges to the President for his signature on their warrants of appointment. Of the 15, nine are from among lawyers and six from the subordinate judiciary. The current Chief justice Of Madras High Court is Indira Banerjee. She was sworn in on 5 April 2017.

List of Chief Justices of High Court

Sl noName of the Chief JusticePeriod
1P. V. Rajamannar1948-1961
2S. Ramachandra Iyer1961-1964
3Palagani Chandra Reddy1964-1966
4M. Anantanarayanan1966-1969
5Kuppuswami Naidu Veeraswami1969-1976
6Palapatti Sadaya Goundar Kailasam1976-1977
7Padmanabhapillay Govindan Nair1977-1978
8Tayi Ramaprasada Rao1978-1979
9Muhammad Kassim Muhammad Ismail1979-1982
10Krishna Ballabh Narayan Singh1982-1984
11Madhukar Narhar Chandurkar1984-1989
12Adarsh Sein Anand1989-1992
13Kanta Kumari Bhatnagar1992-1993
14Kudarikoti Annadanayya Swamy1993-1997
15Manmohan Singh Liberhan1997-1999
16Ashok Chhotelal Agarwal1999
17K. G. Balakrishnan1999-2000
18Nagendra Kumar Jain2000-2001
19B. Subhashan Reddy2001-2004
20Markandey Katju2004-2005
21Ajit Prakash Shah2005-2008
22Asok Kumar Ganguly2008-2009
23Hemant Laxman Gokhale2009-2010
24M Y Iqbal2010-2013
25Rajesh Kumar Agrawal2013
26Satish K Agnihotri2014
27Sanjay Kishan Kaul2014-2017
28Huluvadi G. Ramesh2017
29Indira Banerjee5 April 2017 - 2018
30Vijaya Kamlesh Tahilramani12 August 2018

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