Why CBSE General Exam Schedule Release Delayed!!

Why CBSE General Exam Schedule Release Delayed
Why CBSE General Exam Schedule Release Delayed

 The date of the general examinations for CBSE Class 10 and 12 has been announced, the complete schedule has not yet been released by the Board. In this post we will look at the reasons why the full schedule has not been published.

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As all schools have been closed for the past 10 months due to the corona epidemic, several state governments have announced a reduction in specific areas from the curriculum to reduce the burden on students writing the public exam. Similarly the federal government reduced the curriculum for students by 30% and reduced student stress.

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 The Central Board of Secondary Education plans to hold Class 10 and Class 12 public examinations from May 4 to June 10. CBSE exams are usually held in February-March. The exams are likely to start late due to the late opening of schools this year. The examination schedule is usually published 50 days before the examination. Exam dates were announced in November last year.

Reasons for delay: 

Assembly elections are scheduled for May 2021 in 5 major states in India. The term of the current government is scheduled for May 2021. Exam dates will be announced only after the election dates are announced. Thus exam dates may not be announced.

Also, the list of students and the exam numbers for them have not been provided yet. Exam numbers for students are usually conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education one month prior to the process exams. The schedule for the exam is expected to be released later this month. Official information on this will be published on the website cbse.nic.in. Also, Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokri has said that the Class 12 process examination and sample examinations for Class 10 will begin on March 21.

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