Replacement of 800 Britain Employees with Indians – Salary is the Reason!!

Replacement of 800 Britain Employees with Indians !!
Replacement of 800 Britain Employees with Indians !!

Replacement of 800 Britain Employees with Indians –The reason is salary!! A 185-year-old British Shipping Company in London has sacked off 800 Britain employees and replaced them with low-wage Indians. P&O, the world’s largest shipping corporation, has been in business for 185 years. Thousands of individuals work for the company alone. After stopping some shipping services, P&O lay off 800 British workers on March 17.

To replace the 800 laid-off UK staff, 800 low-paid Indian labourers would be employed. The UK Railways, Shipping, and Transport Workers’ Union has slammed the shipping company’s decision. According to the organisation, Filipino labourers on P&O ships sailing between Liverpool and Dublin are paid only $ 3.47 per hour.

“The firm has decided to lay off well-paid staff and add low-paid personnel to the P&O in Dover, employing Indians for only $ 2.38 an hour,” said Mike Lynch, the trade union’s general secretary. P&O’s action is an act of exploitation of workers’ labour. Dismissing British workers for lack of wages is a breach of their trust. Ships like these are a source of embarrassment. The vessels of the P&O Group should not be allowed to sail.

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“The British government must intervene right away and take immediate action.” What is the rate of pay aboard Indian ships? Employees on ships operating in India earn a pay of three lakhs per year. When you factor in one day off every week, 8 hours of work equals to $ 2 per hour. It’s worth noting that this is significantly less than P&O’s current Indian pay rate of $ 2.38.

So, the British Company decided to replace the Britain workers with Indians due to salary issues. Indians have expected only low wages so they decided this to be implemented soon in that company.

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