Prolonged Use of Same Mask is A Way to Black Fungus- Minister Said || Check Details!!!

Prolonged Use of Same Mask is A Way to Black Fungus- Minister Said
Prolonged Use of Same Mask is A Way to Black Fungus- Minister Said

Prolonged Use Of Same Mask Can Lead To Black Fungus: Corona distribution is declining in Karnataka. In this situation some of the survivors are suffering from black fungus. So far more than 300 cases of black fungus have been reported in Karnataka.  According to the ICMR, chronic diabetes, steroid-induced immune suppression, prolonged stay in the intensive care unit, organ transplantation, and some others are the leading causes of the disease. So, let’s check what are black fungus and other details of this in this page.

Mucormycosis- Black Fungus:

COVID-19-associated Mucormycosis, commonly referred to as black fungus, is the association of Mucormycosis with COVID-19. The life-threatening disease has infected many Covid-19 patients including those who have recovered. Mucormycosis is a fungal infection. Our environment is full of particles that produce fungi around us. These are the things that cause fungi on food items like bread. They do not cause infections even if they go into everyone’s body. The reason is the resistance in the body. Fungi attack us when our body’s immune system is weakened. The body’s ability to fight fungi decreases while taking medication for another illness. The ICMR system reports that a fungal infection occurs at that time.

Ambodoris to Karnataka:

The Central Government has allotted 1,150 vials of Ambodoris to Karnataka to treat the disease. Another 1,000 vials of medicine will arrive in Karnataka. We have set up a medical expert team to find out what causes this black fungus to attack. Experts say the disease is spread by overuse of steroids, use of medical equipment without cleaning, prolonged use of the same mask and prolonged use of the bed.

Experts Advise:

It has been advised that outsiders should not be allowed inside the intensive care unit and that medical facilities should be kept clean. Experts advised ear, nose and throat tests should be performed on those recovering from corona damage. They have been advised to undergo this test on the 3rd day, 7th day and 21st day.

Black Fungus Alert: First Suspected Death In Tamil Nadu!!!

Minster Statement:

Sudhakar Minister of Medical Education of Karnataka also told that, Asha employees in the health sector consult with the central government about raising their salaries. There are over 10 lakh quality body wear in Karnataka. The published allegations about its quality are false announced by the minister. Stay connected with us for the further updates regarding this.

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