Bad News to Bank Users – ATM Transactions Get Costlier In India from January 1, 2022

costly atm
costly atm

New Rules: ATM Transactions to Get Costlier RBI!! Yes. It is definitely a bad news to the bank users of India.  From the starting of the New Year 2022 a new rule is assigned in Indian ATM transactions. That will financially affect the people who are using bank ATM transactions in India. The sorrow rule is that, the customers of bank have to pay the hiked amount of money to the ATM transactions. From January 1st of the next year 2022 this rule will be executed. Earlier, a minimum amount was deducted from your savings account for the bank transactions via other bank ATM machines. People of India had affected by that earlier rule. Even this small amount harmfully gives the financial crisis.

At this situation, even more the penalty amount is hiked. If a bank user made the ATM transaction more than the permitted limit he/she have to pay the hiked penalty amount. Reserve bank of India also accepted this new rule and RBI already notified their customers. Some private banks of India like Axis bank and HDF bank notified their customers that the penalty of ATM transaction will get changed as rupees 21 plus at January 2022 onwards. That is applicable when the transaction will exceed the free limit provided by those banks. So ATM transaction becomes costlier in India from next year.

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