APTRANSCO AEE Syllabus 2021 PDF – Download Exam Pattern Here!!!!


APTRANSCO AEE Syllabus 2021 PDF – Download Exam Pattern Here!!!! Transmission Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Limited (APTRANSCO) has given the Syllabus for the post of Assistant Executive Engineer (Electrical) from Official Site. Candidates who are Preparing for the Written Examination can download the Syllabus from Official Site. The Exam Date will be Announce Soon. Go through the entire page to get more detailed information.

APTRANSCO AEE Syllabus 2021:

Name of the Board Transmission Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Limited (APTRANSCO)
Post Name Assistant Executive Engineer (Electrical)
Vacancy Various
Exam Date Announced Soon
Job Location Andhra Pradesh
Status Syllabus Available

APTRANSCO AEE Exam Pattern 2021:

S. No Paper Subject/Branch Marks No. of Questions Total Duration of time
1 Part-A General Studies & Mental Ability 50 Marks 50 Questions  



150 Questions and 150 Marks





150 Minutes

2 Part-B Civil & Mechanical Engineering (Common) (or) Electrical Engineering 100 Marks 100 Questions

APTRANSCO AEE Exam Pattern 2021 – Main Examination:

PAPER 1 : General Studies & Mental Ability 150 Marks 150 Questions 150 Minutes
PAPER 2 : Civil & Mechanical Engineering (Common) OR Electrical Engineering 150 Marks 150 Questions 150 Minutes
PAPER 3: Civil Engineering (For Post Code No.1,2,4 & 8) 150Marks 150 Questions 150 Minutes
Mechanical Engineering (For Post Code No. 5 only)
Civil & Mechanical Engineering (Common) (For Post Code No. 6 &7
Electrical Engineering (For Post Code No. 3 only)
Total   450 Marks

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APTRANSCO AEE Syllabus 2021:

Part A:

General Studies And Mental Ability:

  1. Events of national and international importance.
  2. Current affairs- international, national and regional.
  3. General Science and it applications to the day to day life Contemporary developments in Science & Technology and information Technology
  4. Social- economic and political history of modern India with emphasis on Andhra Pradesh.
  5. Indian polity and governance: constitutional issues, public policy, reforms and e-governance initiatives with specific reference to Andhra Pradesh.
  6. Economic development in India since independence with emphasis on Andhra Pradesh.
  7. Physical geography of Indian sub-continent and Andhra Pradesh.
  8. Disaster management: vulnerability profile, prevention and mitigation strategies, Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in the assessment of Disaster.
  9. Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection
  10. Logical reasoning, analytical ability and data interpretation.
  11. Data Analysis:
  12. a) Tabulation of data
  13. b) Visual representation of data
  14. c) Basic data analysis (Summary Statistics such as mean, median, mode, variance and coefficient of variation) and Interpretation
  15. Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh and its Administrative, Economic, Social, Cultural, Political, and Legal implications/problems.

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  1. Electric Circuits: Active and passive network elements – dependent and independent sources – response of passive elements to arbitrary excitations – energy stored in inductance and capacitance – Kirchoff’s loss – formation of mesh and Nodel Integro differential quations – their solutions by classical and Laplace transformation methods – Transient and steady state response of RL, RC elements to impulse, step, ramp and sinusoidal inputs – single phase AC circuits – methods of solutions – poly phase circuits – analysis of balanced and unbalanced circuits – measurements of three phase power.
  2. Electrical Measurements and Instruments: Absolute and secondary instrument types – Principle of operation of different type of instrument – extension of instrument ranges – measurement of voltage, current, power and energy – localization of cable faults – Murray loop and Varley loop tests – Cathode ray Oscilloscope.
  3. Illumination: Solid angle, luminous flux, luminous intensity Illumination and candle power – laws of Illumination – flood lighting, street lighting – electric lamps.
  4. DC Generators and Motors: Types of DC generators EMF equation – constructional details – characteristics of shunt, series and compound generators – Armature reaction – types of DC motors – Torque developed in a DC motor – speed controls of DC motors and starters.
  5. Transformers: Constructional details – Principle of operati9on – vector diagrams on no load and load – regulation and efficiency – equivalent circuits and tests for the determination of parameters of equivalent circuits – types of three phase transformers and their applications – Scott connection of transformers.
  6. 3-Phase Induction Motors: Principle of operation – Cage and Slip ring motors – torque slip characteristics – methods of speed control.
  7. 3-Phase Alternators: Principle of operation and constructional details – types of Alternators – synchronous impedance – voltage regulation – short circuit ratio and its importance – Phasor diagrams of round rotor and salient pole machines – synchronization – behaviour of an alternator connected to infinite bus – effect of varying excitation current and mechanical torque – power angle curves – control of active and reactive powers.
  8. 3-Phase Synchronous Motors: Principle of operation – torque developed and methods of starting – V and Inverted V curves – effects of variations of excitation – synchronous condensers.
  9. Single phase induction Motors: Types of single phase motors – Types of Single phase induction motors – characteristics and methods of starting – shaded pole induction motor.
  10. Transmission & Distribution: Line constants – Inductance and Capacitance calculations – Representation of over head Lines – Short, Medium and Long lines – ABCD constants – Mechanical Design – Sag, Tension Calculations, and Tuned Power Lines.
  11. Over Head Line Insulators: Types of Insulators – Potential distributions over a string of suspension insulators – string efficiency – Methods of improving string efficiency.
  12. Underground Cables: Insulation of cables – Grading of cables – Capacitance Measurement in cables – Testing of Cables – Power frequency withstand tests.
  13. Fault Calculations: Balanced Fault calculations on systems – Symmetrical components – Types of faults – Analysis of unbalanced faults.
  14. Generating Stations: Location and types, types of hydroelectric power stations, layout of a hydro-power plant, types of turbines used – Pumped storage installations – Layout of thermal electric power stations, types of turbines used, condensers, cooling towers, boiler feed pump; energy flow diagram of steam power plant. Nuclear power generation; Nuclear fission – types 34 of nuclear power reactors – Principle of a fast breeder reactor.
  15. Protection: Characteristic of Relays – Over current, directional and distance protection of lines. Protection of Alternators against stator faults, rotor faults, loss of excitation, unbalanced loading, overloading, failure of prime-mover. Over speeding and over voltage. Protection of transformers against winding faults, overloads and external short circuits.
  16. Circuit Breakers: Air-blast, oil, minimum oil, vacuum – Sulphur hexafluoride and d.c. circuit breakers – Relative merits and demerits.
  17. Economic Aspects: Generation costs and their classification, load curve, load utilization and plant capacity factors. Load sharing between base load and peak-load stations. Load forecasting. Economical distribution of load between unit within a plant and between plants. Modeling of fuel costs for thermal generation. Optimal operation of an all thermal generating system and of a hydro-thermal system. Consideration of transmission losses.
  18. Utilization of Electrical Energy: Industrial drives – Motors for various drives –Estimating and Rating – Testing of D.C. and A.C. motors – Neutral Earthing.

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What is the Exam Date in APTRANSCO AEE 2021?

The APTRANSCO AEE Exam Date will be Announce Soon

How can I download APTRANSCO AEE Syllabus 2021?

The direct link to download APTRANSCO AEE Syllabus 2021 have provided above

How many vacancies in APTRANSCO AEE Recruitment 2021?

There are various vacancies allotted for these recruitment